N E G I C C O!!!!!!!


Negicco is a three member pop idol group that’s the pride of Niigata, Japan. Their current members are Nao☆, Megu, and Kaede. The original incarnation of the group (with four members) was formed as a promotional effort to bring attention to Niigata’s local agriculture, notably the prefecture’s special variety of green onions. (Negi) Their name quite literally translates to “The Green Onion Girls”.


The group has worked incredibly hard since 2003 with a die-hard determination and “Never Give Up” spirit that you can’t help but cheer on. Musically they’ve developed a critically acclaimed sound that’s considered a wonderful hybrid of idol pop and Shibuya-kei, working with artists such as Yasuharu Konishi of Pizzicato Five and indie-pop darlings Shiggy, Jr.

Over time they’ve cultivated a diverse and intensely loyal fan base that has slowly but surely extended around the globe. In September 2015, they will finally achieve one of their biggest dreams when they perform at the Nippon Budokan arena with their peers and friends, the electo-pop trio Perfume!


Shonen Knife LIVE! Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC – July 16th 2015

With Yamano sister Atsuko making a return appearance on bass while covering for Ritsuko (away on maternity leave) and Emi’s announcement that this would be her final SK tour, this became a critically important show not to miss! It turned out to be a fantastic set and one of the most fun Shonen Knife gigs I’ve ever attended.

Atsuko played like she never left, and her and Naoko were obviously having a great time sharing in the positive energy. All the while Emi gave it everything she had, pounding the drums with a furious vengeance while smiling the entire time. A personal highlight for me was what was probably the best performance of “Cobra vs. Mongoose” I’ve ever seen seen them do, with the guitar and bass wailing with Emi standing and walking around her drum kit, but yet never missing a beat. Utterly amazing! 

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