Perfume Are Conquering The World, And You Might As Well Surrender Now…


JPop megastars Perfume are already beloved throughout Japan and Asia, and along the way they’ve been slowly turning their gaze onto the rest of the world in their quest to become a major global sensation. Now that their latest smash tour of Japan is complete, they are about to embark on their highly anticipated 3rd world tour. And while they’ve given concerts in Europe previously, this time the amazing technopop trio will finally be performing in the USA for the very first time!

The dates and places will be:

Taiwan, October 31st

SIngapore, November 2nd

Los Angeles, November 9th

London, November 12th

New York, November 15th

Also, the New York show will be filmed and broadcast to theaters in Japan and Hong Kong! It’s going to truly be a defining moment for these three young ladies, and a truly historic happening for their fans everywhere. I know I can’t wait!

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Oh, By the Way, that New CIBO MATTO Album is Fantastic, and You Should Really Go See Them Live…

Cibo Matto‘s new album came out this month, and it’s completely worth the 15 year gap we waited and wished for more music from Brooklyn’s greatest avant-trip-hop duo…


I got my beautiful vinyl copy in the mail, (You can order your own from Chimera Music, Sean Lennon‘s label.) and I’ve been in love this record since the moment the needle hit the wax. Everything you love about the group is here. The cool vibes, the smooth grooves, and the quirky sense of humor all conspire to check you into a strange haunted hotel that will have you wanting to extend your stay for many nights.

You get funky songs to shake your butt like “MFN” and “10th Floor Ghost Girl”, and spaced out meditations like the title track and “Empty Pool”, while “Housekeeping” slinks along with style and funny lyrics to rap along with. There’s not a single clunker on this record, but be warned it’s ridiculously addictive, and you’ll want to immediately flip it over and play it again every time.

And if you get a chance, go see them live on tour! (They’ve got a few West Coast dates left as of this writing.) I saw them last week at the Black Cat in Washington DC, and it was a great night with a perfect mix of classic Cibo Matto songs and new material from Hotel Valentine. You can really do no wrong in leaving your house to see this duo do their thing!

#cibomatto #hotelvalentineHope you're not sick of all my Cibo Matto posts yet!Some footage of Cibo Matto in DC last night!!


After the show, they greeted fans and were an absolute delight to finally meet. Miho and Yuka are super-cool, and yet very down-to-Earth and friendly. I came out of the evening a bigger Cibo Matto fan than ever!


 They signed my tote bag, and I scored some official Cibo Matto lip balm. (Don’t leave home without it!)



So don’t hesitate to check into Hotel Valentine, and support these ladies on tour if you get the chance!

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